Want to Know a More Attractive Alternative to Traditional Residential Gutters?


Fascia gutters are an attractive alternative to the more traditional rounded gutters. Like every guttering system, fascia gutters hold rainwater as it is carried off a roof, after which it will be carried to the downspouts. By controlling this, homeowners are better able to protect their foundations and walls against damage and rot. On traditional residential roofing, the installers will use a vertical panel that will cover the ends of the rafters.


This is what is called a fascia, it will be connected to the soffit panel under the overhang, which gives a roof a cleaner and more finished look. Residential gutters are then fastened to this fascia to collect rainwater. Fascias work a little differently, in place of a standard round gutter shape, fascias have a deeper rectangular shape. The front of the fascia will connect to the roof’s drip edge, which will allow it to act like a natural guard for the rest of the guttering system.


The smooth gutter face acts like a fascia, and will hide the edge of the rafters and give a house a neater and more finished appearance. When standing below them. Homeowners can see the exposed rafters which extend further than the home’s outside walls. This system removes the need for soffits, although there are some homeowners that add some kind of soffit panel for a more aesthetic look. Buyers have the option to choose different sizes and designs of fascia gutters, all depending on the depth of their roofs rafters.


For instance, a traditional gutter will hide the roof framing, however, deeper gutters could be needed to hide more complex rafter designs. Because fascias are much deeper than their rounder counterparts, they are able to hold more water, this, in turn, will improve drainage and help to prolong the life of a home.


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